Where the story begins

Github: Project Titan

  • I'm szhshp. My first blog is created with Jekyll, it is named Project Gaia and released in Github
  • In July 2020 I created a similar template Project Titan with NextJS
  • The design of Project Titan is originated from Project Gaia
  • Project Titan is for more experienced developer/blogger.
  • I tried to make it easy but it still require basic knowledge of Typescript and NextJS

What's the differences?

Project Gaia

  • For beginner and light blogger
  • Based on Jekyll + jQuery + Bootstrap.
  • Traditional Stacks (HTML + CSS + JS)
  • Easy to setup/config via Pages (or alternative services)
  • Do not require build process

Project Titan

  • Based on Typescript + NextJS + Material UI
  • Modern Stacks
  • Require build process (You can use CICD through Jenkins, Github Actions or Vercel)

What's New in Project Titan?

  1. Brand New & Redesigned UI
  2. All React Advantages
    • Modularization
    • Virtual DOM for quick UI rendering
    • React Hooks for better performance
  3. All NextJS Advantages
    • SSR & Pre-Rendering
    • SEO Friendly
    • Fully Extensible
  4. All Material UI Adcantages
    • New Styles
    • Animations
    • Scoped CSS
    • Extensible Theme
  5. Internationalization
  6. Szhshp made it with ❤️